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Re: [linux-lvm] Offline fsck (checking snapshots)

Bryan Kadzban wrote:
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Some of the horror stories that I've heard are exactly the case that
you're protecting against with your batteries: Supposedly a sudden
removal of power causes some grief with certain journaling methods,
including the method that reiserfs uses.  (Or used to use; maybe it's
changed since then.)

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I think things have changed since then. I have had to on a couple occasions unplug my rig or use the halt command and not have a clean shutdown. It fixes the errors when I reboot, if any. I have read where others have done the same with no losses. I have tried XFS and others and had trouble in these areas before. That is one reason I use reiserfs and it came highly recommended because it can recover so well.

On XFS, if you have a UPS and can always have a clean shutdown, very cool. It seriously hates unclean shutdowns.


:-) :-)
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