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Re: [linux-lvm] Re: Patch to clvmd-openais.c again

Xinwei Hu wrote:
> Sorry, stupid thing happens ;)
> 2008/4/25, Xinwei Hu <hxinwei gmail com>:
>> Hi all,
>>   The attached patch is a try to make clvmd work correctly on openais stack.
>>  It does 2 things.
>>  1. The cpg_deliver_callback make a compare between target_nodeid and our_nodeid.
>>  It turns out openais set target_nodeid to 0 sometimes. for
>>  broadcasting ? I change
>>  the behavior so that lvm will process_remote also on target_nodeid == 0
>>  2. The joined_list passed to cpg_confchg_callback doesn't include the
>>  already exist
>>  nodes in the group, which leads to an incomplete node_hash. I simply
>>  add all other
>>  nodes in member_list to node_hash also.
>>   With this patch applied, clvmd works correctly with basic lvm commands now.
>>   Please kindly review this, and consider it for upstream.

Your patch has now been included in upstream clvmd.

Thank you.



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