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Re: [linux-lvm] How to move /usr from LVM back to non-LVM?

Charles Marcus a écrit :
On 4/28/2008, Georges Giralt (georges giralt free fr) wrote:
But some people will question the reason you will move from LVM to plain filesystem/partitioning....

Good point... and maybe my reason is not a 'good one'... ;)

My thinking is, since /usr is a critical system partition, it should be on the main system drive - which I always set up as a simple 2 drive mirror.

So, I'm now curious how/what other people generally use LVM for?

Just my 2 ¢ here. I do not pretend to have the TRUTH ....
Said you've 2 identical drives for the system.
Set up  2 partitions onto them exactly the same.
The fisrt one,  small will be used for /boot
The second one for everything else using LVM.
Set up software raid to make a first mirror of the two /boot
and another one for the LVM.
This way, you can boot and run your machine from any disk and you can even do a backup by splitting the raid.... IT has always worked except on my home machine where I was unable to insatall a Fedora system using software mirror AND lvm ..; Go figure ;-)

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