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RE: [linux-lvm] How to move /usr from LVM back to non-LVM?

At work, I'm stuck with the static partitions on the current servers, till I do a rebuild on new hardware at least ;)

My own home server uses 4xHDD with the same partition layout.
sdX1: MD RAID1, 1GB /boot
sdX2: MD RAID10, 5GB /
sdX3: MD RAID10, 20GB LVM for;
sdX5: 50GB LVM for;
		/tmp (striped)
		Some exported AoE and iSCSI volumes
sdX6: rest of disk, MD RAID5, dm-crypt and LVM for data (including /home)

I know it's convoluted, but it works. I wish I had done dm-crypt on top of the LV's now rather than LVM on dm-crypt. It is not too slow, but I don't need encryption for everything on there and I can't do anything about it now (Think save up to replce them all with 1TB drives, now only £100 on Ebuyer :D )

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On 4/28/2008, Georges Giralt (georges giralt free fr) wrote:
> The fisrt one,  small will be used for /boot
> The second one for everything else using LVM. 

Actually, I should have gone ahead and mention how I usually do it...

/boot (100MB)
/ (10GB - I know, but disks are cheap these days)
swap (1GB)
/tmp (1GB)

Then LVM for:



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