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[linux-lvm] Linux LVM performance using multiple iSCSI targets

I have a LVM performance related question.
We have multiple iscsi-target machines say iscsi-target1, iscsi-target2, iscsi-target3, iscsi-target4,....iscsi-targetN imported on iSCSI-initiator Machine (FileServer).

I used lvm and created a logical volume say MyBigStorage on FileServer using /dev/sda1, /dev/sda2, /dev/sda3..../dev/sdaN as physical disks (these are the raw disks exported from iscsi-target machines).

1. Is it going to take more time if a client machine looks for a file which is on FileServer's LVM MyBigStorage, as my LVM is created using multiple raw disks using iscsi-targets.

2. What would be impact over performance (file lookup) in case we increase more iscsi-target machines, and expand our MyBigStorage lvm using newly attached iscsi-target disks?

3. The file system we are going to use is GFS or ext3 and the overall data is between 4TB to 8TB.

4. Any other issue which you can suggest with above approach?

Thanks and Regards
Anuj Singh.

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