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Re: [linux-lvm] the lvm shared storage question of the week

Jonathan Brassow a écrit :
Our testing group has machines that use AOE. It works well with CLVM. However, they use their machines as a cluster. It seems to me that you want to carve up your storage, but you only want one machine to use each piece.

yes each server will mount a part of the filesystem and not the same part on each. This mean a single lvm logical volume will be mounted only on one host.

LVM manual briefly mentions CLVM (should apply equally well to debian):
yes it just speak about it but there is no doc at all, nothing tells us if it listen on a tcp port or just communicate by using data on the disk or anything about the setup. Also it speak about special configuration in lvm.conf but nowhere i see WHAT should be configured :)

i guess with:

locking_type What type of locking to use. 1 is the default, which use flocks on files in locking_dir (see below) to avoid conflicting LVM2 commands running concurrently on a single machine. 0 disables locking and risks corrupting your metadata. If set to 2, the tools will load the external locking_library (see below). If the tools were configured --with-cluster=internal (the default) then 3 means to use built-in cluster-wide locking. All changes to logical volumes and their states are communicated using locks.

that it should use


but is this enough ?

You will want to come up to speed on the cluster infrastructure (at least the setup) if you want to use CLVM....

sorry i am not native english speaker, what do you mean by that ?


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