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Re: [linux-lvm] the lvm shared storage question of the week

CLVM needs a distributed lock manager to work (which communicates over
the network, not via the disk).  This is usually provided with the help
of the RedHat Cluster Suite.

locking on the disk seems easier to setup than network port firewall rules and so on but if it was not done i assume there was a good reason for it that my poor brain cannot see :) if each node is gived a unique key then you could use on disk locking with a special lock metadata and a timestamps for reloading configuration for the other node. Of course it seems too easy to have not been thinked about so there must be a major flaw in my thinking :)

by default, locking type 2 or 3 requires clvmd, which as I say will
require a cluster setup of some kind.

You *can* work without a cluster manager but I'm not sure how advised it
is.  So you leave your locking type as 1 and use "lvchange
--refresh /dev/vg/*" on all nodes to reload metadata from disk whenever
you make a change.  Can be a bit risky.

strange that this use case has not handled in an safer/easier way :)

if each lvm partition is mounted on only one box where does the risk lies in your opinion ?


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