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[linux-lvm] Large disk problem with LVM2...

I have a 3.09TB Hardware Raid 5 drive setup with, and I have already
used about 1TB worth of space on the volume group.

Today I tried to add another 500GB logical volume and it failed with:

[root bill ~]# lvcreate -L500G -ntest VolGroup01
 device-mapper: reload ioctl failed: Invalid argument
 Aborting. Failed to activate new LV to wipe the start of it.

dmesg shows this:

device-mapper: table: device 8:3 too small for target
device-mapper: table: 253:7: linear: dm-linear: Device lookup failed
device-mapper: ioctl: error adding target to table

I have googled for the message and have read to run pvs like:

[root bill ~]# pvs -o +dev_size
 PV         VG         Fmt  Attr PSize  PFree DevSize
 /dev/sda2  VolGroup00 lvm2 a-   99.97G    0  100.00G
 /dev/sda3  VolGroup01 lvm2 a-    3.09T 2.05T   1.09T

So my question is, how do I fix this?  I'm running the most current
(CentOS 5.2) versions of Device-Mapper and LVM and Kernel:


Anyone have any ideas why pvs shows the DevSize of 1.09TB?


Greg Varga
Systems Engineer & Development

Skyway West
 Phone: (604) 482-1128
 Email: gvarga skywaywest com
 WebSite: www.skywaywest.com

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