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Re: [linux-lvm] Recover UUID

This is pretty similar to what happened to me recently.  Hopefully someone will take the time to help one, or both, of us out.  In the interim can you do at least a "uname -r" to get your major kernel version and a "lvm" then "version" within the lvm program to get the LVM version numbers, this can assist people helping you.


2008/1/20 J Lindsay <lindsay james gmail com>:
I recently had a hardware failure on my OS disk, which means I lost all files including /etc/lvm/archive. My LVM2 volume spans 3 disks, all of which are intact. How do I go about recreating this volume, without knowing the UUID's of the disks. I tried running uuid_fixer but was given the error "pv_read(): pv_flush". Running lvscan and pvscan returns no results.


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