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Re: [linux-lvm] Every now and then LVM is not recognized - LVM2 on RAID10

Lars Ellenberg schrieb:
On Wed, Jul 23, 2008 at 02:07:32PM +0200, exxs.net - matevz sernc-urban wrote:

i am running into a very interesting situation today, that our LVM metadata is recognized only sometimes. LVM was running fine for some weeks and now from today on running pvscan 10 times one after another i get about 4 positive and 6 negative results (its somehow a coincidence that LVM is recognized).


Any hints?

Where should it look regarding "/dev/md2: No label detected" vs. "/dev/md2: lvm2 label detected"??

It seems like RAID-10 is not sync'ed well maybe? But, mdstat reports all disks are up.

just a shot in the dark:

for dev in /dev/sd{a,b,c,d}5; do
	md5=$(dd if=$dev iflag=direct bs=1M count=1 | md5sum)
	echo "$dev: $md5"

this is a RAID 10,f2 (with 2 far copies)
so the starting order of blocks is different on all 4 hdd's (and therefore all four md5's are different).

echo check > /sys/block/md2/md/sync_action

i did this, and it finished without any failures - all disks are up and sync'ed again. RAID is therefore not a possible problem.

i must add that the logical volumes are in use and working. i just really do not want to reboot the machine as i suppose they couldn't be brought up again.

Any other hints of why sometimes i get "/dev/md2: No label detected" vs.
 "/dev/md2: lvm2 label detected"?

thanks in advance for any possible hints

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