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[linux-lvm] Restoring method Snapshot to Orginal Volume


I am using LVM2 whith XEN

All of my DomU disks are one or more logical volume

For exemple /dev/vg0/lv1

For the moment when i want do a domU backup, i take a snapshot, do an image (dd gzip) of the snapshot, delete the snapshot and restor the dd image on the original logical volume.



lvcreate -s -L500M -nlv1.snap /dev/vg0/lv1

dd if=/dev/vg0/lv1.snap bs=16M | gzip | dd of=/lv1.gz bs=16M

lvremove /dev/vg0/lv1.snap


gzip -dc /lv1.gz | dd of=/dev/vg0/lv1

This method is very weight and not useful

dd if=/dev/vg0/lv1.snap of=/dev/vg0/lv1 should be perfect but it is impossible because when restoring snapshot on the original volume, the snapshot continue to increase until to become fully and inactive

Is there a solution to deactive the cow (copy and write)for during the restoration about snapshot to original volume ?


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