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[linux-lvm] pvmove hung at 100%

I did a pvmove between two PVs of equal size (both 4TB on different raids) and it seems to have finished (shows 100%) yet pvdisplay commands show that the source is still allocated and lvdisplay -m on the LV that used the source PV shows that logical extents are still on the logical volume pvmove0. My goal is to get this PV and the other PV this LV uses (lv03) totally off the system and disconnected.
Does anyone have any advice/clues on how to resolve/unstick this?

Source disk is /dev/mapper/VOL04_4TB which is /dev/dm-1
Destination disk is /dev/mapper/FN00_01_4TB which is /dev/dm-10
Both are exactly 953673 PEs, source was totally allocated before pvmove and destination was totally empty.
The command I used was:
pvmove -v -i 900 /dev/mapper/VOL04_4TB /dev/mapper/FN00_01_4TB

Subsequent pvmoves still show /dev/dm-1 100%.

lvs -av:
   Finding all logical volumes
LV VG #Seg Attr LSize Maj Min KMaj KMin Origin Snap% Move Copy% Log LV UUID bioinfo vg01 4 -wi-ao 10.56T -1 -1 253 16 1QbcmS-tt8J-zuMB-DCUn-dAAI-pVFi-HPBUWA lv03 vg01 2 -wI-ao 4.55T -1 -1 253 14 OXgokc-vqd7-Bcgm-8ccF-vgUo-Awfu-CNmFMo pipeline vg01 1 -wi-ao 500.00G -1 -1 253 17 dQ3JCe-vU2m-VS7C-2VTy-nXZ4-aGdk-kbpYd6 [pvmove0] vg01 1 p-C-ao 3.64T -1 -1 253 15 /dev/dm-1 100.00 dvl7Gn-sgWk-m3Wl-hGKM-Ow6E-7j51-394T6r rnd vg01 2 -wi-ao 7.28T -1 -1 253 18 HWBhgP-1plT-d1fu-pGdH-7Ii6-gEQN-hpu4k2 system vg01 1 -wi-ao 220.00G -1 -1 253 13 0LRNrB-TrZV-iK64-dm5C-pMTb-e8Dh-8wAVLy

lvdisplay -m /dev/vg01/lv01 shows segments:
 --- Segments ---
 Logical extent 0 to 953672:
   Type                linear
   Logical volume      pvmove0
   Logical extents     0 to 953672
Logical extent 953673 to 1192090:
   Type                linear
   Physical volume     /dev/dm-2
   Physical extents    0 to 238417

pvdisplay of /dev/dm-1 and /dev/dm-10 (source and destination) show both as full.

Kernel version: (SuSE 10.2 on x64)
LVM version:     2.02.13 (2006-10-27)
Library version: 1.02.12 (2006-10-13)
Driver version:  4.7.0

Thanks in advance,

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