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Re: [linux-lvm] lvm partition on ramdisk

On Mon, 12 May 2008, Larry Dickson wrote:

> OK, I got it to work using your workaround. Thanks, Stuart.
> How do I get LVM to put all the extents of the ramdisk BEFORE any of the
> extents of the raid array? Even if I list the pvs, ramdisk first, in the
> lvcreate command and/or start with the ramdisk in a vgcreate followed by
> adding the raid array in a vgextend... it always ignores the ramdisk and
> only assigns extents from the raid array. (I suppose it is putting the
> ramdisk at the end, where it is useless for my purposes.)

You can specify which PV to use in lvcreate.  

Let me repeat the warning - if the system goes down while the ramdisk
is part of the volume group, LVM will be unhappy and require recovery
of the volume group.  (I.e. your system could be unbootable.)  You had better
not have your root fs on the VG.  

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