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Re: [linux-lvm] Removing PVs from Volume Groups which have allocated LVs

Hi all,
I ran onto a similar problem when trying to create a LV where the ramdisk PV came FIRST. It wouldn't do it even though I ordered it first in the list. So what I had to do was create a VG out of the first PV alone, and the LV on it, and then keep adding PV to VG and extend the LV. That resulted in a determinate ordering.
If the composite VG already exists, the only technique I know is to search or even write characteristic data patterns in the LV and also in all the PVs, thus determining offsets :-(
Larry Dickson
Cutting Edge Networked Storage
On 5/22/08, R Ramkumar <rramkumar novell com> wrote:


I have a LVM setup where I have a VG with 3 PVs.. I have created 2 LVs from the VG which eventually has taken physical storage space from one or two of the PVs.. Now, when I want to shrink the VG, I need to know the unallocated PV so that I can remove from the VG..

Is there anyway that I can find out which PV is unallocated and which PV to remove from the VG.. Please let me know your views..


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