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Re: [linux-lvm] Distributed LVM/filesystem/storage

On Fri, 2008-05-30 09:03:35 +0100, Gerrard Geldenhuis <Gerrard Geldenhuis datacash com> wrote:
> On Behalf Of Jan-Benedict Glaw
> > I'm just thinking about using my friend's overly empty harddisks for a
> > common large filesystem by merging them all together into a single,
> > large storage pool accessible by everybody.
> > It would be nice to see if anybody of you did the same before (merging
> > the free space from a lot computers into one commonly used large
> > filesystem), if it was successful and what techniques
> > (LVM/NBD/DM/MD/iSCSI/Tahoe/Freenet/Other P2P/...) you used to get there,
> > and how well that worked out in the end.
> Maybe have a look at GFS.

GFS (or GFS2 fwiw) imposes a single, shared storage as its backend. At
least I get that from reading the documentation. This would result in
merging all the single disks via NBD/LVM to one machine first and
export that merged volume back via NBD/iSCSI to the nodes. In case the
actual data is local to a client, it would still be first send to the
central machine (running LVM) and loaded back from there. Not as
distributed as I hoped, or are there other configuration possibilities
to not go that route?


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