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Re: [linux-lvm] clvmd locking disabled

Milan Broz wrote:
Stepan Kadlec wrote:
ok, I have recompiled it with --with-cluster=internal, but still seeing:

WARNING: Locking disabled. Be careful! This could corrupt your metadata.

Is it during clvmd initialization only?

clvmd tries to initialize locks for possible already activated volumes
(mostly safety/force restart check, clvmd must start before clustered LVs
are activated anyway)

It simply run lvs command (forcing nolocking for this command)
to check which volumes are activated.
The log message is misleading here...

After clvmd initialization, it should work as expected.

I have looked into the sources:

1) the clvmd starts the thread lvm_thread_fn() from clvmd.c
2) it calls the init_lvm() function from lvm-functions.c
3) it calls the get_initial_state() function from lvm-functions.c
4) in get_initial_state is following call:

FILE *lvs = popen
("lvm lvs --config 'log{command_names=0 prefix=\"\"}' --nolocking --noheadings -o vg_uuid,lv_uuid,lv_attr,vg_attr",

-> it calls lvm command with the --nolocking option - this is passed to all following steps:

5) the lvm commands calls lvm_run_command() function from lvmcmdline.c
6) it calls init_locking() function from locking.c
7) init_locking() than print the "locking disabled" warning, because the --nolocking option

a) is it alright, that the "lvm lvs" command is internally called with --nolocking option? b) does it mean, that locking works alright for the rest of clvmd operations but the get_initial_state() call? in this case the debug message is very confusing.

bye stepan


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