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Re: [linux-lvm] device filter in lvm.conf

Tuncel Mutlu akbank com wrote:
filter = [ "a/sda[1-9]$/" "a/sddlm*/" "r/.*/" ]

and types row has been added

types = [ "sddlmfdrv", 16 ]

This has been known to work on another Linux box, but not here. How must I
alter the filter so the LVM should accept sda and sddlm devices but reject
all others ?

When you say it doesn't work on this box, what actually happens? Do you fail to filter out the individual paths, or do you fail to include the multipath device that you want to use?

You may find that removing the cache (/etc/lvm/cache/.cache) after editing the filters straightens things out (this should be automatic but I've found that on some releases I've needed to manually remove it).

Also, is the filter really what you wanted?

> filter = [ "a/sda[1-9]$/" "a/sddlm*/" "r/.*/" ]

This says to accept devices that have a string "sddl" followed by any zero or more "m" characters. I don't know the naming scheme for HDLM, but your example implies that they'd follow a pattern of sddlm[a-z][a-z], or something.

Perhaps "a/sddlm.*/" would work better (sddlm followed by any number of any character), since you're unlikely to have other device nodes with a prefix of sddlm. You could tighten that up further as: "a|/dev/sddlm.*|" if you liked (lvm filter expressions work like sed - you can uniformly replace the '//' delimiters with other chars - I like pipes as it means you need less \/ escaping when using paths).


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