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[linux-lvm] Help - Can't find the ext3 filesystem on dm-0

Hi all,

I have a problem with lvm as described below:

1. I had a system with on 80GB and 1000GB HDD with one /boot (ext3) and on VolGroup00 wth LogVol00 and working fine.
2. Now i added one more HDD (1000 GB), created partition using fdisk and tried to create the filesystem with mkfs.
3. while executing mkfs, it started giving some i/o errors. I restarted the system.
4. After boot it started giving errors like xxx uuid not found-- VolGroup00 not found -- kernel panic -- killing
5. After searching on google for more than one week, i performed following operations:
6. As /root was inside the LVM partition, can't access the /etc/lvm/backup, so copied the Volume Group data from 80GB HDD using hex editor on windows.
7. Created a file (vol.vg) from it.
8. Executed following commands from rescue disk
 pvcreate -ff --uuid xxx --restorefile vol.vg /dev/sda2
 pvcreate -ff --uuid xxx --restorefile vol.vg /dev/sdb1
 vgcfgrestore -f vol.vg
 vgchange -ay
 mount /dev/VolGroup00/Logvol00 /mnt/vol
It gives error: file/directory not found
dmesg shows error: EXT3 global descriptor corrupt

9. If i boot from the disk, while booting it gives error: VFS: can't find ext3 filesystem on dm-0

Sorry for such lengthy mail but i am working for last one week on this and panic now.

I wan't to recover my 950 GB data from it.

Please help me.

Thanks in advanced.



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