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Re: [linux-lvm] LVs corrupted after pvresize

Peter Larsen wrote:
Can you give an example or two on how the LVM differs on the
user-friendliness areas?

Say you want to mirror a LV, then you just do a "mklvcopy mylvname 2" to have 2 copies of data (one extra, like raid-1). If you want to migrate your disks to a new system, add the new PV to your VG and do a "mklvcopy mylvname 3 newpv", then when it finish remove your old mirrors and delete the old PVs.

The AIX concept of physical extent/logical extent mapping is sorely missed on linux.

Generally speaking, LVM on AIX is also more mature. Exporting and importing VGs (to move VGs between systems) works better in my experience, clustering is more stable, but that is also something where YMMV can show.

Managing mirrors, data placement and hotspot detection are what I mainly miss on Linux.


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