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[linux-lvm] Need help with lost XFS file system

I have an LVM2 xfs file system that spans two partitions:  /dev/sda4 (150GB)  and /dev/sdb1 (300GB).   /dev/sda also hosts my O/S (/dev/sda1 is /boot and /dev/sda2 is root). 

Apparently, something went amiss with the /dev/sda disk, and the first indication was a hung system, followed by the loss of certain O/S files in the /lib directory following a reboot.  I was hopeful that the damage was limited to the O/S files, so, after much troubleshooting and fschk attempts, I just reinstalled the O/S.  After the O/S reinstall, I was finally able to reboot the machine and try to run an xfs_check and xfs_repair -L.  Anyway, vgscan, pvscan, and lvscan all look good.  Nothing seems wrong from this standpoint.  The file system mounts, but it takes forever to do so.  And when I try to ls the files, I get an Input/output error.  If I unmount and run an xfs_repair, I get a bad magic number or some such message.

Even if /dev/sda4 is a total loss, I am pretty certain that all the files stored on the  /dev/sdb1 are in tact, but the xfs file system just won't mount properly.  Is there anything I can do, or am I just screwed?  Of course, if I had a backup I would just use that, but there is none.

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