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Re: [linux-lvm] How to monitor and possibly autoextend snapshots

Right now, you get notified when the snapshot becomes invalid. I thought I heard someone talking about adding forewarning, but I don't know where that stands.

You can respond to events (like the snapshot going invalid) through dmeventd, but any solution like that would require new code... and you would also need new code in the kernel to do the forewarning.

Since you have some knowledge of the arguments given to other programs for this feature... :) Perhaps if you would be willing to envision the arguments necessary to 'lvcreate' when creating the snapshot, we could get the ball rolling.


On Oct 24, 2008, at 4:33 AM, marcin kaluza comarch pl wrote:


Is there a way to get notified, when the snapshot fills up to a certain level? i.e. via dmsetup wait [] ? I looked for event numbers but couldn't
find any doc for them.
The best thing would be to make snapshots autoextensible when given a max
size and resize value (just like oracle tablespaces do), but I suppose
that would require much coding...
Any thoughts?

We're using lvm snapshots for samba shadow copies and database cloning, but there's a problem with monitoring snapshots % of usage - now we just have a daemon that polls lvdisplay periodically and extends the lv when necessary. But this is unreliable - you have to either poll often or keep
enough of free space and still you can end up with a trashed snap.


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