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Re: [linux-lvm] mirror legs order and priority (2)

When you 'down-convert' a mirror, you should be able to specify which leg you want pulled.

# Change 2-way mirror to linear - specifying the device to be removed
prompt> lvconvert -m0 vg/lv /dev/sdb


On Sep 26, 2008, at 9:29 AM, daniele wrote:

Greetings everyone,
I have recently changed one of the mirrored-legs-hard-drives and substituted it with a faster, bigger HD.
Now does it matter which leg is the first one?
I mean the home_mimage_0, right now is not on the fastest, and newer(thus more reliable), hard drive. Does it matter? If so, is there a way to quick switch it? Anyway when I added the new HD to the mirror-legs, the first leg was chosen to be on an old disk regardless of the order in which I provided "/dev/mirror_disk1 /dev/mirror_disk2 /dev/mirror_log" to lvcovert -m1. Also when I do lvconvert a mirrored LV to an m0 linear one, how can I choose which of the legs has to become the linear LV? So far it seems that with "lvconvert -m0 vg00/home" the 'first' leg, is automatically chosen to be the one(which is home_mimage_0). (That might not be what one wants at times, and pvmoving the linear LV after the lvconversion would be really a waste of resources and disk efforts).

Thanks for any help or info on all this,
Best regards, Daniele.
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