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Re: [linux-lvm] Will LVM2 ever be able to do striped mirrors "raid 10"? >>> Use HARDWARE RAID CONTROLLERS

Why you need RAID 10 at all ?

Usualy because the need of performance and additional redundancy/fault tollerance. So if u need performance a "Software RAID Solution" would always be a bad choice. If you need some sort of redundancy and no performance, go for it. if u need performance youll better get yourself a real HARDWARE RAID CONTROLLER for your drives. Those cost a bit. but are worth it.

Best RAID Controllers around i do know are those from ICP VORTEX (meanwhile belongs to Adaptec). Best Linux Support ever! Accustic alarm, SNMP, GUI, CLI Interfaces and Text-oriented tools to handle/configure the raid controller within the running os and all.

2nd best are ADAPTEC Raid controllers,

also working good with linux are LSI Logic MEgaRaids. BUT... they dont support GNU Linux , only RH Enterprise and Suse Enterprise are supported. All software comes within RPM packages. (pretty bullshit!) - The only thing that works good is a CLI tool. with some scripting you can monitor your drives and raid within the os then. no accustic alarm. pretty crappy.

DO NOT USE CHEAP "PSEUDO HARDWARE RAID CONTROLLERS" like DAWI Controll, Silicon Chip crap or those other 150$ shity RAID 0 or RAID 1 crap. those cheap controllers are NO REAL HARDWARE RAIDs. Those are just simple ATA/SATA Adapters with a "more advanced driver". Those Raid controllers are NOTHING without their drivers. just a bunch of disks. And that is what you usualy can see if you boot a linux on such a controller. even if you have configured a RAID5 or RAID1 with only ONE logical drive, those controllers will still present ALL physical DRIVES to the OS as there would be no RAID configuration at all. Drop those controllers... trash em.

Get ICP Vortex (Adaptec) and Adaptec - Those Rock!


Am 08.04.2009 15:11, John Hughes schrieb:
               if (lp->stripes > 1) {
                       log_error("mirrors and stripes are currently "
                       return 0;

Should I just stick with mdadm for my mirroring and striping needs?

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