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Re: [linux-lvm] Will LVM2 ever be able to do striped mirrors "raid 10"? >>> Use HARDWARE RAID CONTROLLERS

On Thu, Apr 09, 2009 at 09:17:33AM +0200, Axel Werner wrote:
Why you need RAID 10 at all ?

Usualy because the need of performance and additional redundancy/fault tollerance. So if u need performance a "Software RAID Solution" would always be a bad choice. If you need some sort of redundancy and no performance, go for it. if u need performance youll better get yourself a real HARDWARE RAID CONTROLLER for your drives. Those cost a bit. but are worth it.

i have a couple usage cases for raid10 that make your point ridiculus

i have two san attached storages in two different buildings,
they present a number of lun (each is raid-5 (3+1)). those will likely
outperform your icp vortex by some order of magnitude, still it is not
enough for me, so i would use striping, between different luns to
achieve more iops.

now i said they were 2 and in two different buildings, this is why i use
mirroring, in case an entire building is unavailable. yes i have servers
in both building.

having this integrated seamlessly in lvm would be nice, so i could use
lvm locking integration with cluster software.

the other scenario is when i already have a striped lv and want to
mirror it for migration to a different storage.


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