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Re: [linux-lvm] Random file system errors

On Tue, Apr 28, 2009 at 10:41 AM, Clyde E. Kunkel
<rascal jumper-747 cox net> wrote:
> On 04/27/2009 09:52 PM, Gaute Lund wrote:
>> I have searched the web and the mailing list without finding anything
>> similar to this.
>> At home I have an LVM setup. Reading data gives random errors. I only
>> recently discovered it's an LVM issue. I think.
>> The issue: If I md5sum largeish files, or test archives, I sometimes get
>> errors or randomly different md5sums. Like now, I have 11 folders, all
>> with
>> rar files in parts: some 300 15MB pieces in 6 folders/sets, totaling
>> 4,2GB,
>> and 560 50MB pieces in 5 folders/sets, totaling 23G.
>> OK, so I "rar t" all of these 5 times over. Errors pop up randomly, 52
>> times
>> in the 50MB pieces, 10 times in the 15MB pieces. That's about 1 error for
>> every 2,1GB of data read. Md5suming multiple files gives about the same
>> error rate.
>> If I run repeated test on a rar set small enough to fit in cache mem, I
>> get
>> errors, but they are indentical with each run.
>> Is it really an lvm problem? Well, I have created new LVs and use
>> different
>> filesystems, ext3, xfs, jfs - they're all the same. If I create an md on
>> some other disks, and put a filesystem on it, without LVM, no problems.
>> I can't find any other errors, in any logs or dmesg. The errors weren't
>> there to begin with, they came at one point and got worse. It took a while
>> before I realized it was a generic disk problem, and for a period I kind
>> of
>> gave up on it. So it's been there for ... maybe six months?
>> The VG consist of two software RAID 5 md's, one consisting of four 200GB
>> IDEs, one of five 500GB SATAs, yielding av VG totaling 2,37TB. Other
>> hardware is 4GB memory and a Core 2 Duo 6600 CPU.
>> Machine runs Ubuntu 8.10 with kernel 2.6.27-11, and
>>   LVM version:     2.02.39 (2008-06-27)
>>   Library version: 1.02.27 (2008-06-25)
>>   Driver version:  4.14.0
>> But the VG was originally created long ago, on LVM1 even.
>> Well, I guess that's it. Any other information that could be helpful? Any
>> way I could debug this?
>> Best regards
>> Gaute Lund
> I am seeing the same thing with large (distros on DVDs) ISO files also.
>  Running md5sum or sha1sum on the file gives different results each time and
> burning the iso gives a dvd that contains files with errors.  I ran memory
> tests over night and all was good.  I turned on smartd checking and ran disk
> checks and all is ok and I continue to look for disk errors on a periodic
> basis and all is well.
> The linux system is Fedora rawhide, but the problem also exists in Fedora 9
> and 10.  The files are being downloaded with wget to a Download directory on
> my home directory which is an ext3 LV mounted on an ext4 home filesystem.
>  Wgeting to a standard non-LV ext3 parition results in good isos which
> demonstrate consistent sha1sums.  If I cp the good iso to the LV Download
> directory, problems again occur.  So far the problem only manifests with dvd
> size iso files.  CD size iso files are fine.
> I first noticed this problem several months ago, but have not bz'd it since
> I cannot yet for sure say it is LVM causing the problem.  However, I think
> at this point I have eliminated wget as the problem but not ext4.  I need to
> create an ext3 LV for / to test on.
> Any guidance on error capturing or any testing features of LVM2 that can be
> turned on?
> Thanks.

I'll be shocked if this is not a hardware problem.

I've seen unreliable data that SMART / dmesg will miss caused by:

bad disk ide (the actual electronics on the disk itself).
bad cables
bad connectors
bad power supply (or undersized)
bad controller ports
bad controller cards
bad pci slot (etc)
bad ram
bad cpu/L1 cache
bad L2 cache

So far you have not ruled most of the above out.  The most likely in
my experience is the cables.  And luckily they are cheap.

I think you need to do the old part swap thing until you eliminate the
above prior to moving on to assuming it is bad software.

Greg Freemyer
Head of EDD Tape Extraction and Processing team
Litigation Triage Solutions Specialist
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