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Re: [linux-lvm] Random file system errors

On 2009-04-28 03:52:23 +0200, Gaute Lund <gaute idrift no>
wrote in <003a01c9c7a3$fa10a000$ee31e000$ no>:
> I have searched the web and the mailing list without finding anything
> similar to this.
> The issue: If I md5sum largeish files, or test archives, I sometimes get
> errors or randomly different md5sums. Like now, I have 11 folders, all with
> rar files in parts: some 300 15MB pieces in 6 folders/sets, totaling 4,2GB,
> and 560 50MB pieces in 5 folders/sets, totaling 23G.

I got the same problem about a year ago - I turned out to be a small
incompability between the mainboard and ram...


Lbh unir whfg ivbyngrq gur Qvtvgny Zvyraavhz Pbclevtug Npg ol oernxvat gur
cebgrpgvba bs pbclevtugrq zngrevny.  Vs lbh ner abg n pvgvmra be erfvqrag bs
gur HFN, lbh evfx orvat vzcevfbarq naq uryq jvgubhg onvy sbe hc gb gjb jrrxf
hcba ragel gb gur HFN (c) Copyright 2001 by Hartmann Schaffer (signature only)


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