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Re: [linux-lvm] Questions regarding LVM

On Thu, 3 Dec 2009, Vishal Verma -X (vishaver - Embedded Resource Group at Cisco) wrote:

> 1.       Under scenario where, several hard-drives are part of LVM
> volume group and if one of hard-disk gets corrupted then would whole
> volume group be inaccessible ?

Short answer: it depends

Long answer: For raw plain hard drives, only logical volumes using the
affected drive are inaccessible.  Think of LVM as managing fancy run-time
expandable partitions.  You may wish to ensure that the LVM metadata (the LVM
equivalent of the partition table) is stored in multiple locations, or
frequently backed up from /etc/lvm.

More often, the "drives" that are part of LVM are software or hardware RAID
drives.  In addition, Linux LVM supports mirroring (RAID1) at the LV level
- although not yet as smoothly as other LVM systems.

> What would be impact on volume group's filesystem ?

Same as with any other partition that goes south.

> 2.       From stability perspective, which version of LVM is better on
> Linux kernel 2.6.x, LVM2 or LVM1 ?


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