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[linux-lvm] lvm striped VG and Extend and Reallocation Question

Hello to  All,


I’m using lvm2, I will create 2 striped LV which volume group created by two PVs. When write happen, its will striped to two PVs step by step.

I know that when need to extend stirped LV,  I have to add two PVs more  and extend the LV for do not get an error.


Two question


First; when I extend striped volume does it means I will have 2 striped 2 linear volume group? Means chunk1 written to PV1 ,chunk2 written to PV2 and its over , it will pass second two PVs and chunk3 written to PV3 ,chunk4 wirtten PV4 , right ?


İf its right , when data is not big enough and chunk1 and chunk2 enough to store, next write request time LVM start for first pair of PVs or not ?




I would like to balance striped data when I add PVs to extend related VG because first datas are written to only olds PVs and after extend if read request happen still old disks will be used instead of  this and improve performance I would like to lay all data to all PVs after extend. İs there any way to  reallocation PEs ?




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