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Re: [linux-lvm] 2GB limit

ml bortal de wrote:
Hello List,

i have a 32bit Linux box with a 3Ware Raidcontroller and 4x 1TB disks. After installing Debian Etch i had to find out that i am running into some limits.

Is there a way to use a Partition >2GB with 32Linux/LVM?

You hit the 2TB partition max size (I assume you mean 2TB and not 2GB).

With LVM you can use physical disks as a PV, e.g /dev/sdb instead of /dev/sdb1. If you need to boot from the disk too, then you have to use a partition table. With such a small RAID anyway, your easiest option in that case is to create one root disk (and a /boot), say 20-30GB, on a root vg, then two more partitions with the rest of the space and use them as PVs for another vg for data/apps.

You can also put all three partitions into one VG if you prefer that.


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