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[linux-lvm] LVM Status Codes?

Hi list,

I am working on some sort of init script and came across a problem. I cannot seem to find any feasible way, to determine either:
If new inactive VGs became available
or if lvm did set up new VGs (and LVs inside those VGs).

Maybe I am overlooking something, but I cannot seem to find any solution.

Let me explain further:
Let's assume I have a disk (or disks) with several LVs. now imagine some of those build some md device and on top of that we'll have more VGs and LVMs (If that really makes sense is another question though). If I have a list of md raid volumes I expect to come up, I can try to set those up and get exit codes, which represent either a failure or a success, I can somewhat determine, if there are still more raid volumes that are expected to become available and try setting those up at a later time. Something like this doesn't seem to be possible with lvm right now. The script is for an initramfs and the idea is basicly to 'iterate' over and over again, until no new crypt mappings, lvms and md raids can be setup (The idea behind this is to make it robust against how users stack dm devices over each other (dmcrypt on lvms, lvms on dmcrypt etc. etc.)

I'd really appreciate, if someone could give me a hint. I am somewhat limited to busybox whilst that script is runnig+static lvm,cryptsetup and mdadm.

Thanks in advance for any advice



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