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Re: [linux-lvm] Mirroring implementation

Hi Roy,
I would be better indeed, but practically, even if it is supposed to request both disks (san arrays) in //, the closest array  will almost always be the first to answer unless it is overloaded.
What I'm looking for is the behaviour for writes, as I don't want to deal with failure scenarios in which I could find outdated data on my last remaining mirror leg.

2009/7/28, Roy Sigurd Karlsbakk <roy karlsbakk net>:
On 27. juli. 2009, at 15.56, malahal us ibm com wrote:

It writes in parallel. Reads from a single device (switches on a device
failure only).

Wouldn't it be better to read in parallel, from different places? I've heard some controllers can do this, so that the reading will be somehow like reading from a RAID-0 stripe.

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