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Re: [linux-lvm] Random file system errors

On 06/07/2009 07:44 AM, Gaute Lund wrote:
Thanks again Clyde, Geoff and f-lvm media mit edu and others who gave advice. Turns out it was a RAM issue.

Just to close off this threadm, even if it's old. This is "only" a private/testing box, and I've been busy, so I've only been able to test stuff every now and then.

A few runs of memtest86 found no errors. I turned to the "md5sums of parts of disks" approach. If I read large chunks (5 GB), from different places on the disks, with 5+ iterations with each chunk, I got errors occasionally (diverging md5sums). But this is 10 disks across two controllers and all but two gave errors several times, albeit seldomly.

I started swapping hardware, and with different RAM I am OK. I guess clean runs of memtest shouldn't be trusted 100%. I can even say, the way these errors have crept up on me gradually over months(!), it means the RAM stick(s) have failed gradually, without being touched or anything. Scary!

FWIW, there is a bad version of memtest out there. I don't recall the version number and don't recall the problem, but, for you, its moot.

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