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Re: [linux-lvm] Data deduplication for Linux : lessfs

On 24. juni. 2009, at 17.12, Mark Ruijter wrote:

For those who need OpenSource data deduplication today instead of
tomorrow one might take a look at lessfs.

It's a good idea, but given the current traffic on the lessfs mailing list, I'm not sure if much work is done. I have been a member of that list since June 1 and haven't received more than one message, which was the one I wrote myself.

I am thinking about starting to work on a data deduplicating
blockdevice, a kernel module called blockless.

If done smartly, this may perhaps be possible, but the problem is the filesystem's metadata. Is this going to be dedup'ed? How much will this take? A simple backup will update atime on all the files backed up, and although atime isn't always wanted or needed, the problem occurs elsewhere.

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