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Re: [linux-lvm] liblvm IOCTL/sysfs interface

Location as well as size is given by
lvdisplay --maps
Larry Dickson
Cutting Edge Networked Storage
On 3/19/09, Bryn M. Reeves <bmr redhat com> wrote:
On Thu, 2009-03-19 at 17:01 +0530, Sandeep K Sinha wrote:
> So, I should see the information like.
> lvol0
> vg
> target1 - /dev/sda5 ----  0 -- 10000 ( BEGIN  -- Length )
> target2 - /dev/sda6 ----  10001 -- 4000

dmsetup table

> We do maintain these informations inside the kernel, We should atleast
> have an ioctl or sysfs based interface to extract
> these information.
> Liblvm is under development, won't it be of a good use to provide such
> a functionality.

This is a lower level than liblvm targets (liblvm will work in terms of
"LVM level" objects; pvs, vgs, lvs). The functionality to observe and
manipulate the targets used by a specific LVM device is already provided
by libdevmapper and the dmsetup tool.


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