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Re: [linux-lvm] removing a missing vg

> I tried to remove some NetApp LUNs from a RHEL 4.6 system, and
> originally stale mappings remained in multipath -ll which I was not
> able to flush.  In production instance, I am unable to remove the
> multipath mappings because the vg is missing.  How can I deactivate a
> missing vg?

dmsetup remove <device name>

on the LV device?

#dmsetup remove /dev/vgTEST/lvTEST
dm_task_set_name: Device /dev/vgTEST/lvTEST not found
Command failed

on the mpath device?

# dmsetup remove /dev/mpath/mpath1
device-mapper: remove ioctl failed: Device or resource busy
Command failed

In the future you probably want to unmount file systems, deactivate
volume groups, delete kpartx mappings etc. and flush the multipath
devices from the host before you delete the LUNs from the storage.

This way everything on the Linux side can finish up cleanly and you
aren't left with stale devices lying around.

Excellent advice.  I am hoping a KB article or the dm-multipath guide could be expanded for all the steps?  I can't find much on 'removing devices' in the 4.6 System Administration guide.



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