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Re: [linux-lvm] Re: error creating snapshots

On Tue, 3 Nov 2009, Mike Snitzer wrote:

> Stuart D. Gathman <stuart bmsi com> wrote:
> > Is this a harmless error having to do with some misreported option to
> > notify a user process when the snapshot is almost full?  Or should I switch
> > backups over
> This is harmless but it does mean that dmeventd-based snapshot
> usage monitoring is not currently enabled for this snapshot.
> But if you restart dmeventd (kill the process and it'll restart next
> time you activate the snapshot) it should work.

Looks like "service lvm2-monitor restart" should do this.  Maybe
the update should restart this service?

> I'll have a look at how best to cope with this within lvm2 (either
> rpm upgrade triggers or...).  But out of curiosity: had you upgraded
> lvm2 (lvm2-libs et al) prior to creating the snapshot and dmeventd was
> running prior to the upgrade?

Yes.  Have not yet rebooted after the update.  Strangely, this doesn't
seem to happen on 32-bit systems at the same update level with the same
update sequence.  

The dmeventd was not restarted with the lvm2 update.  There is some
logic in lvm2-monitor about when stopping dmeventd is dangerous, but
it doesn't seem to think a restart is dangerous.

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