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[linux-lvm] Recovering data from an LV/VG w/ a crashed PV

(I know this topic has probably been brought up before, but I couldn't find anything in the archives - if there is, please give me a link.)

I have an LV made up of 4 SCSI drives (PVs). One of those just crashed. Specifically, the SCSI controller can't get anything but a not ready error from it. Ergo, it is D-E-A-D. (And no, it wasn't part of a RAID :-(  ).

I've come to accept that, but now I want to know if I can recover anything from the rest of the LV. Right now, at boot time, the LVM sees the VG with an LV that is missing a PV, so it drops me to maintenance mode, where I really can't do much. I can get the system to boot by physically removing the VG (it's not my system VG), then disable it in fstab, and reboot again. So, theoritically, I should have access to the VG/LV, missing the one dead PV.

I can't migrate the extents off of the dead PV (duh), but can I remove that PV from the LV/VG, and maybe recover some of the data on the other PVs?

FWIW, the filesystem is XFS. It is mainly used as a store and forward server, and fortunately, most of the data on it had been saved. The rest of it can be recreated, but it would be a very timely process (several days at least). So any data that I can get off of the "amputated" LV would definitely help.

I'm just about at the point where I will just rebuild the VG/LV from scratch - that is, recreate a new VG/LV from the remaining PVs. But I just wanted to know - before I commit - if I can recover anything.

Also - minor gripe - why won't the system boot if a VG has a bad LV, and that VG is not the system VG? I'd like the LV to mount if it is okay, that is why I have it in fstab. But, as above, when the system boots, and the LVM sees that crippled VG/LV, the system goes to maintenance mode. Is there some way to tell the system at mount time to continue w/o mounting that VG/LV?

As always, TIA


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