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Re: [linux-lvm] Unmounting file system hangs up...

Thinking Outside the Well <rod rook gmail com> wrote:

> CentOS-5 is on a hard drive of the same computer. /etc/fstab does not
> explicitly mount CentOS-5, but Fedora-10 somehow mounts all hard drives
> including NTFS drives. I must have done something to do this, but I forgot
> what I did. Do you have any idea what I did and how I remedy this situation?

Two things may concur to this automatic mount.
1) hald (Hardware Abstraction Layer Daemon)
This informs software about which hardware, including hard drives, is currently connected, and when removable drives are inserted or removed.
2) The desktop or file manager (nautilus on GNOME, konqueror or dolphin on KDE).
It gets the list of connected devices from hald, through the d-bus system, and, may automatically mount cold plugged and hot plugged drives.

As I neither use GNOME, nor KDE, I don't know what exact setting triggers this behavior, but, ideally, you should configure the relevant application (nautilus, dolphin or konqueror) to disable this behavior, or make them properly unmount the drives.

André Gillibert

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