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Re: [linux-lvm] Removing a very old physical drive

Nicholas Robinson [npr bottlehall co uk] wrote:
> > pvmove followed by vgreduce. If you have enough free space, pvmove
> > should work and there is no need to add another new drive.
> > 
> Thanks, I will give this a go. I think I was getting confused between
> allocated and used. I thought the destination PV had to have enough
> unallocated extents on it to absorb the old PV data rather than just
> unused.

Allocated PEs is the number of PEs allocated to logical volumes, Free
PE's is the number PEs not yet allocated. Free PEs+Allocated PEs =
Total PEs.  I think you have enough free PEs to cover the old drive if I
remember your output correctly.

> I tried mounting it as you suggest and it muttered about it looking like
> swap. So, I checked and it is mounted as swap! That explains that one.
> The newer naming convention of ...lv_swap would have made this much
> clearer!

That explains why the '#open count is 1" in your lvdisplay output!

Thanks, Malahal.

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