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Re: RE: [linux-lvm] vg availability during boot

Did you rebuild initrd? During boot, initrd uses staticly linked modules to load what otherwise would be kernel modules. It does, if LVM is enabled, do a vgchange -y a as part of that process. Since LVM is part of the default initrd, it may be the drivers for your SAN that you need to get in place - remember to include the high-end Ethernet drivers too that your NAS (I presume?) uses.

i have a quite similar problem with my server. But in my case, it occurs from time to time only.
Before i had another issue with mounting the root partition because of swapped SCSI IDs (sda becomes sdb, sdc, becomes sda, and so on). But i could solve this with ext2fs labels.

I'm using Debian Lenny.

Is the vgchange -ay in initrd executed for every volume group or is this hard coded by update-initrd?

Could the swapping of SCSI-IDs be the reason for this issue, too?

Thank you,

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