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Re: [linux-lvm] Using LVM Mirroring to obtain a usable backup

Configuring a nic in an initrd with busybox should not be too cumbersome.
For a straight forward approach one could use the kernel command line and tell it to get the info via dhcp. And last but not least one could bootstrap load GPXE via the NICs PXE, which in turn passes the pxe discovered IP configuration into the kernel, or create some gpxe bootscript including the ip configuration to be passed to the kernel, if no dhcp is available.

There are quite some options actually ;-).



Stuart D. Gathman schrieb:
On Thu, 17 Sep 2009, Les Mikesell wrote:

I have one client with a SAN system, and it seems to perform well.
It is one client that never needs to install a physical disk on a
server I maintain for them.  (Caveat, booting from iSCSI requires bringing up a
Nic - which is tricky to do for linux in initrd.)

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