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Re: [linux-lvm] Disk crash on LVM

Thanks guys for your input on the matter.
I lenghtened the power cables and bought a full lenght SATA cable. Now the disk is in the freezer and in progress with pvmove. 10% now. so far so good. The reason i decided for the pvmove instead of dd or dd_rescue was the fact that i tried a pvmove before, so the process was already started but it stopped working on 1%. Now with a frozen and working disk it continued from where it left off.

I can tell you how it turned out later.



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Ray Morris <support bettercgi com> wrote:
   Then dd from the old copy of the LV to the new:

dd if=/dev/org/$1 bs=64M iflag=direct |
dd of=/dev/copy/$1 bs=64M oflag=direct

   That piped dd is 2-3 times faster than the "obvious"
way to run dd.

The issue with dd is that if any read() fails, it skips the entry (64M) and doesn't write to the output, making the output file smaller than the input file.

with conv=sync,noerror, it's better, but, still loosing a whole 64M block at once is a bad thing.

That's why I think dd_rescue would be better.

If it still gets warm too fast, I've heard that storing the hard drive in a freezer 24 hours may make it work again.

If it crashes when dd or dd_rescue fails, it's possible to continue copying later, from the point it failed.

André Gillibert

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