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[linux-lvm] extend lv fails: invalid argument and failed to suspend

I have an lvm root, which I am trying to expand into pv free space:
=====pvs -v
    Scanning for physical volume names
PV VG Fmt Attr PSize PFree DevSize PV UUID /dev/sda2 vg2 lvm2 a- 49.28G 0 49.29G yKlt1o-0aKd-fO8M-Gy4p-4bGg-46Ww-BHotg2 /dev/sda3 vg2 lvm2 a- 49.28G 0 49.29G o8fVEA-PilV-Pwum-WDtH-O2lF-XOTW-2XPeWu /dev/sda4 vg2 lvm2 a- 49.28G 0 49.29G yiiiWw-1jXz-QvEm-wj46-GrFm-nuTR-PlNrl8 /dev/sdb2 vg2 lvm2 a- 229.03G 0 229.05G xItcHe-aeR8-BndU-3WUx-ltA3-eF6A-BRxIs5 /dev/sdb3 vg2 lvm2 a- 229.80G 0 229.81G nO7RQk-NaAG-yA9m-LiNi-XmSD-HKHX-lRt4ua /dev/sdb5 vg2 lvm2 a- 235.00G 0 235.01G m1xJY0-BLuu-IyAT-W17r-XY6R-XZQF-2cLw0w /dev/sdc3 vg1 lvm2 a- 48.41G 13.88G 34.59G z6zl0h-oiRp-jJ12-KpDA-X11g-y2YH-hKjx9U /dev/sdd2 vg2 lvm2 a- 11.72G 0 11.72G pGnLD2-SUMV-V82W-myqj-yUH8-x0m1-6XgWe0 /dev/sdd3 vg2 lvm2 a- 13.86G 0 13.87G n1kZD5-VCP2-Erj1-rtSg-3kki-5Iod-DyAmNG

so: 13GB free on vg1...
=====lvs -v
    Finding all logical volumes
LV VG #Seg Attr LSize Maj Min KMaj KMin Origin Snap% Move Copy% Log Convert LV UUID lvhome vg1 1 -wi-ao 21.53G -1 -1 253 1 2qxr1c-ObDr-BedT-B8Aq-6fBE-81tW-3mQvuP lvslash vg1 1 -wi-ao 12.00G -1 -1 253 0 A72rig-0oMK-KgVt-k6vo-rq7O-PKX0-koudNn lvswap vg1 1 -wi-ao 1.00G -1 -1 253 2 7JzPLM-qqYs-Y4r4-SYdi-9M3j-7teZ-mNqVgW lvinfra vg2 10 -wi-ao 300.94G -1 -1 253 4 q1qH2f-wqOQ-A7gQ-F8Zq-DGZZ-YumT-TjpmGe lvmedia vg2 5 -wi-ao 566.31G -1 -1 253 3 8q5eTn-6ruu-NS5E-Zf6o-e88H-Urae-gXdB2Y

and lvslash is on vg1 and I want to grow it by +4GB
- boot rescue
- don't mount
- lvm vgchange -a y
- lvm lvextend -v -L+4G /dev/vg1/lvslash

Trying to remember the error:
Loading vg1 table
device-mapper: reload ioctl failed: invalid argument
Failed to suspend lvslash
Now I only looked at pvs since alastair suggested another user with a similar problem. In fact, while pvs says vg1 has 13.88G free, I think this is actually really supposed to be a negative number, since:
(DevSize) - (PSize) = (PFree)
 34.59G - 48.41G = -13.82  /= 13.88
, which looks like a bug in at least pvs !

I don't know how I got into this situation, nor how to proceed, but do know that the access to all the disk partitions is working normally at he moment, despite the above inconsistency.

Any ideas on how to solve this ?


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