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Re: [linux-lvm] extend lv fails: invalid argument and failed to suspend

On Tue, Sep 22, 2009 at 08:03:37AM +1000, David Timms wrote:
>   /dev/sdc3  vg1  lvm2 a-    48.41G 13.88G  34.59G  
> z6zl0h-oiRp-jJ12-KpDA-X11g-y2YH-hKjx9U

>   lvhome  vg1     1 -wi-ao  21.53G  -1  -1 253  1                     
> 2qxr1c-ObDr-BedT-B8Aq-6fBE-81tW-3mQvuP
>   lvslash vg1     1 -wi-ao  12.00G  -1  -1 253  0                     
> A72rig-0oMK-KgVt-k6vo-rq7O-PKX0-koudNn
>   lvswap  vg1     1 -wi-ao   1.00G  -1  -1 253  2                     
> 7JzPLM-qqYs-Y4r4-SYdi-9M3j-7teZ-mNqVgW

> (DevSize) - (PSize) = (PFree)
>  34.59G - 48.41G = -13.82  /= 13.88
> , which looks like a bug in at least pvs !

Not really.

Somehow your PV is defined to be bigger than the disk it is currently on.
Ways this can happen include the /dev/sdc partition table getting changed
incorrectly, deliberately overriding the device size when creating it,
restoring from metadata backups incorrectly or using 'dd' to copy device

> Any ideas on how to solve this ?

You need to start by reviewing your /dev/sdc partition table and making
sure all space on there is accounted for in partitions in the way you
expect: How big is sdc? Where and how big are sdc1 and sdc2?  Is there
any space on the disk not included in sdc1/2/3 ?


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