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[linux-lvm] "Incorrect metadata area header checksum" after a pvmove and pvresize

Hi guys.

Excuse my english, I'm from Brazil.

Last day I pvresized the pv who had my vg and after a reboot I couldn't activate my vg anymore. I got the message "Incorrect metadata area header checksum".

The whole history:

My HD had a sda3 pv that had my whole vg. It's had around 55GB. Some days ago, because of an emergency situation, I transformed a 6GB partition (sda5) into an LVM pv and added it to the vg. Now to organize my HD I liberated space after sda5 and wanted to expand my sda3 to the end of my 80GB disk.

Then I took an auxiliar hard drive, booted my machine with system rescue cd, created a small sdb1 in the begining to temporary store the contents of sda5, pvcreated sdb1, "vgextend vg /dev/sdb1" and "pvmove /dev/sda5". Everything ran ok. Then I "vgchange -a n", cfdisk on /dev/sda, deleted sda3 and recreated it in the same place but filling the drive until the final and finaly "pvresize /dev/sda3", who now occupies almost whole drive.

Then I rebooted to continue the work with my real system running and got a "kernel panic" with the initrd complaining about "Incorrect metadata area header checksum", now I cannot access the metadata backup to try a vgcfgrestore.

I searched the list but no one had suffered the same problem and LVM HOWTO on tldp.org only shows how to recover a pv using a previous metadata backup. I don't want to try something dangerous like a pvcreate before have sure it's will not wipe out all my data.

Someone knows what I made wrong and what I can do to put my vg to work again?

At this URL are the results of many useful commands:

As can I see the sda has a pvmove0 lv just where was my old sda5. What this fucking sheet are still doing there? This shouldn't have been excluded?

The lv hosted in the old sda5 is a part of tmp-paludis lv. Why the pvmove0 on sdb1 was not renamed to the correct name tmp-paludis?

Any help will be apreciated.


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