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Re: [linux-lvm] Migrating LVM

Ray Morris wrote:
Oops, my eyes missed the pipe and second dd when I made my previous
comments.  That is pretty good for different disks then yes... not
so good for same physical disk.

   Indeed my tests were done copying from the "old" disk
to the "new" disk, as the OP is doing, I believe.

I actually have some old hacked up dd code I made once to use 16
concurrent aio requests with O_DIRECT.  I need to clean it up a
bit but it showed great promise.

   Considering how often "dd" is used for copying large amounts
of data, even a modest improvement could save many thousands of
hours of admin time.  I would like to encourage you to do any
needed cleanup and make it available, preferably integrated with
GNU dd - it could save hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of
Ray Morris
support bettercgi com

Thanks to all for the suggestions. I believe I will go the dd route. That seems like the best (simplest) option.


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