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Re: [linux-lvm] Configuring extent size

I've restated my understanding of your response - please let me know
if you meant something different.

>> having a large number of extents will slow down the tools
> I believe only a large number segments (contiguous groups of extents)
> slows things down.  I could be wrong.

The total number of extents isn't the factor that could slow down the
LVM tools, it's the total number of segments (contiguous groups of
extents) that matters.

So for example, setting up fine-grained LVM striping and leaving empty
extents in between large numbers of occupied stripes would have more
of an impact than the total number of extents.

>> leads me to:
>> Would there be any negative impact of a very large extent size?
> The only impact is unused space due to more granular allocation.

So if I had 10GB extents, but needed a bunch of separate LVs that each
only needed <1GB, that would lead to wasted space. . .

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