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Re: [linux-lvm] Configuring extent size

Sorry to appear to be talking to myself here, but thought I'd try to
get confirmations/answers on questions outstanding from my OP:

> a 4 MB extent size imposes a logical volume size limitation of 256 Gigabytes
No longer true?

Because this is now true?
> with LVM2, there's no limit on the maximum numbers of extents per PV/LV.

And therefore
> For 32-bit CPUs on 2.6 kernels, the maximum LV size is 16TB.

is a hard upper limit, and is not related to extent size?

I have in the meantime found this:

Max number PVs: 2**32 PVs

but not a statement about any maximum size for PV (nor more importantly for VGs)

I'm guessing the question is academic, and would in any case not be
related to extent size anyway.

On Tue, Dec 7, 2010 at 1:47 PM,  <hansbkk gmail com> wrote:
> While I'm at it, I've also come across statements that the performance
> of certain applications (Oracle usually being the one mentioned) can
> be sensitive to LVM extent size.

I'm hoping this is not actually the case, and such ideas are coming
from those who may are using LVM to handle their performance striping
rather than the underlying RAID.

All this is pretty much just one noob's speculation here, some
confirmation would be greatly appreciated.

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