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[linux-lvm] Shared LVM questions

Hi to every ones...

I would to setup a LVM build on top of an iSCSI disk shared between
some nodes which is managed by a Master Node (MN) that sents commands
to other nodes (N1, N2,...) through SSH.

I think the cluster extension is not required because a particular
Logical Volume (LV) is accessed exclusively by one node, and because
LVM metadata cannot be modified at the same time by multiple nodes.

One issue is that once a LV is created by a node it cannot be
activated by another node by executing the command

  $> lvchange -aey vg/lv01

and the LV created is a snapshot. The error displayed is

  Can't change logical volume "lv01"

1. In this scenario is CLVMD required?
2. Is it possible to activate a LV in another node?

Thanks in advance for all replies.


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