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[linux-lvm] Mirror fail/recover test


I'm trying to test the failure of a SAN Mirrored Lv, and the recover and
check for data lost.

Im runing RedHat 5.4

I create a 2mirror+log lv ok, can lvconvert to one leg only, can delete ok.
But when I simulate a disk fail either with
dd if=/dev/zero of=pvmirror_device
echo offline > /sys/block/pvmirror_device/device/status

lvs -a -o +devices
stills shows the lv has mirrored ( should switch to non-mirrored right?) ,
and show Unknonwn device on the pvmirror_device I destroy

When I issue a lvconvert -m 0 complains about pv --uuid not found, if I
try to pvcreate --uuid pvmirror_device I got a error complaining about
still mounted device
If I try lvconvert --repair i hangs forever

What should be the correct procedure to recover from this?


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